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Gardening with Vegetables,
Herbs, Fruits and Flowers


About Us

We have been gardening ever since we were little kids, I was fortunate enough to have a mom and grandparents that were really into gardening when I grew up and I have gardened ever since. My wife also gardened with her brother and parents her whole life.

Together we have about 80 plus years of experience. We do not claim that we are the best or anything, we are just wanting to share our experience with others and maybe inspire some young people to start gardening.


Of course time is a key factor, you get from your garden whatever you put into it.

Why Garden

We garden for many reasons some are: we enjoy eating the quality of our own fresh produce, we enjoy being outside in the garden. We garden to save money, at least we think we are, and we garden for our friends and relatives that do not, so they can enjoy.