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Peach Trees

Who does not like a fresh peach? One of
my favorite things to do in August is to go
outside and pick a fresh peach from one
of our trees and just stand there and eat the
whole thing.

The ones we grow are far sweeter and juicier
than the ones in the local grocery store.

Peach Blossoms in the spring

Click on the picture for a larger view.

Of course sometimes you have to fight
the yellow jackets for them, the peach trees
require more care than apple trees do.


Our favorites peach tree variety's are
Elberta, Hale Haven and Red Haven,
they are all freestone types, meaning
the flesh of the peach is not attached
to the seed.

They all ripen within a couple of weeks
from each other usually about the 2nd or
3rd week in August.

All are large peaches


We prune our peach trees in the spring usually around the middle of march, and cull the peaches when they are about the size of a golf ball. It is hard to toss out peaches but if we do not then we will lose too many limbs or even the whole tree from the weight of the fruit and too many keep the rest from getting big.

It is very depressing to see a large limb broken on one of our peach trees


We would like to save all of our peaches for eating fresh but once picked they only last about 3 - 4 days max. We end up canning and drying the majority of our peaches, we always have a lot of peaches, all of our relatives and friends show up when the peaches are ripe.