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Harvest Time ~ Canning

The most important thing about canning to remember is safety, not only in the quality of food but in the preparation of canning itself. In regards to the canning aspect almost everything is hot, hot and hotter. We follow the Blue Book of canning exclusively, we do not use any wax or mayo jars as people have done in the past, we use Ball or Kerr lids and rings and Ball or Kerr jars only.

If you are new to canning you may want to start with the simple water bath canning in which jam or jellies are made or fruit with high acid content or with vinegar to raise the acid. All low acid foods are canned with a pressure cooker with a weighted gauge or a dial gauge. (we use the dial gauge)

Canning Jars, Rings and Self Sealing Lids

Pint Canning Jars

Rings for the canning jars.

Lids for the canning jars.

With a little practice you will be a expert in to time. Here are the basic tools you will need to can with:

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Jar Lifter, Lid magnet and Funnel

Some of the basic canning tools; jar lifter, lid magnet and a funnel.

Pressure Cooker

A pressure cooker.

Canned Green Beans (canned in a pressure cooker)

Canning green beans. Green beans already jsrred up.

Nothing like homemade Jam (canned in a water bath)

Preparring the raspberries for canning. Homemade raspberry jam.