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Celeriac Plant

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Celeriac is also known as celery root, you can eat the leaves or the tuber, the leaves have a mild taste of celery as does the tuber. We use mostly the tuber as a potato substitute

They are a little more work to clean than a potato but they have a lot less carbs. They have about 4 grams of carbs compared with 12 grams of carbs for a potato for a half cup diced raw. They are also high in vitamin K and C and a good source or fiber.


Planting celeriac is easy, just sow the seeds and they grow. We start ours in our greenhouse to give them a head start.

Celeriac Seedlings

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How To Harvest Celeriac


Celeriac can be harvested at any time for the leaves, for the tuber we wait until about mid September in order to get the largest size.

After cutting off all of the roots and cleaning them, we slice them up, cook them in boiling water just like a potato and put them through our ricer, add sour cream or milk if you want. Yummy!

Celeriac Roots

Cutting the Celeriac Roots

Celeriac all prepared

Using a Ricer to mash the Celeriac Root