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Gardening with Vegetables,
Herbs, Fruits and Flowers


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Corn is one of our favorite vegetables to plant in the garden. Almost every part of the corn, including the ears, husks, leaves and even the stalk is used at our mini farm.

We eat the corn, mostly raw, right out of the garden, if you have not tried fresh corn, you are in for a treat. When we do cook it, we barbecue it right on the grill in the husks without tinfoil.

Our chickens eat the ears, and the horses eat the stalk, leaves, husks and the ears.

Corn, ready to harvest

We do not can or dry corn, a lot of our friends do, but we have to many other favorites in the garden to work with......... plus we just do not care for canned corn.

Unfortunately since our favorite variety of corn is a hybrid, we cannot harvest and save the kernels for next years planting.

The Corn is almost ready to harvest

Both of these pictures show the corn stalks at different stages, the one on the left is almost ready to harvest and the one on the right is ready to harvest, generally once the silk starts to dry up a little then the corn is ready to eat.

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Corn Stalk ready to harvest

Our favorite variety of corn is a hybrid, called Peaches and Cream, it is bi colored and very sweet.

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Yummy, yummy, yummy
Close up picture of peaches and cream hybrid variety

How To Prepare And Dry Corn

Most of our corn gets dryed for winter use. We use it in soups and stews all winter long. Watch our video to the left on how we prepare and dry the corn.